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[fic] GetBackers - Wicked Game [Jun. 3rd, 2004|12:21 pm]
We Love Little Semes!


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Sorry for my dork-like posting difficulties. ^^;;

Title: Wicked Game
Authors: laughingwolf & datenshiblue
Fandom: GetBackers
Pairing: MakubeX x Akabane
Rating: R
Warnings: graphic sex, sharp objects.

Notes: Sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything more original. ^^;
This was actually originally a scene in an RPG but more than half my fiction is written collaboratively this way anyway so what the heck. Also note in the RPG we aged MakubeX to 16.

Probably will be x-posted to Unusual_Liasons. Sorry to anyone who gets it twice.

The Wicked Game
by Cin and bonne

Home again...

He'd been quite satisfied with his home; the company he'd hired had exceeded expectations. Even Gozo had been mildly impressed. The big man had Akabane smiling, but then he generally smiled and laughed in Gozo's company. There was something about the man that made Akabane like being around him. Maybe it was the fact that the man always seemed to be grumpy, or maybe it was the fact that Akabane could needle him with the littlest things and make the big man blush.

Or maybe it was the fact that he just enjoyed the man's point of views of the world around them.

Overall it really didn't matter, all that mattered was that he did. He did enjoy Gozo's company.

Standing outside Mugenjou's entrance, Akabane watched as Gozo drove off with his beloved truck, the man was worse than a father with a daughter, he'd hugged the steering wheel and spoken to the truck about missing him and all the while Akabane had kept his hat down to cover the laughter shaking his frame. He'd invited Gozo to come with him to see a certain someone, but the bigger man said he'd meet him when he came back to pick up Akabane, right now he'd had a few errands to run.

Akabane hoped that MakubeX had gotten the quick email he'd sent from his home, letting him know that he was coming to visit.

Akabane had forgotten that he was presumed dead still here in Japan, that with his disappearance to Italy, it was thought that that shooting had really killed him. Keeping a hand to the brim of his hat, eyes hidden, the smile on his face as he walked grew as he heard whispers of "ghost, demon, the devil" all around him. People had always been wary of him but now they scrambled to get as far back as they could.

This was truly interesting and amused him to no end.

If this was the reaction he got from dying, maybe he should die more often!

He continued to walk till he got to the doors to the control room, a thrill of anticipation rushed through his veins, almost like a coming battle.

I am home. I will be coming by to see you today. I hope you do what you said you would do.

And I'm hoping that I'm not coming at an inconvenient time.


The doors of the control room far below the level of the surface opened when Akabane approached, the room within seeming not to have changed at all from the last time he had visited. A familiar figure rose from sitting in front of one of the computers and turned toward the door, the expression on MakubeX's face intent, his eyes almost seeming to glow. His thoughts were, for a moment, as unreadable as they had been the first time Akabane had met the boy in person, when he handed over the fissionable material for the IL.

Once Akabane was inside the room, and the doors closed behind him, however, he hardly saw any movement, only felt the impact of a body against his, arms around his neck, and his head being pulled down for an eager, almost desperate kiss.

The body in his arms was a welcome one, his arms wrapped around the waist and he literally lifted the boy up as he returned the heat and intensity of the kiss.

He had barely looked around before MakubeX came to him, but every bit of the surroundings was etched into his mind briefly, the most important bit though, was here in his arms.

And the kiss wasn't about to be stopped anytime soon. He'd missed this more than he realized.

MakubeX did not seem taken aback in the least by being held in the air against Akabane's body. Nor did he seem any more interested than the transporter in disengaging from the kiss anytime soon. As he felt Akabane's arms around him, and mingled lips and tongues, the hint of desperation seemed to relax out of him. Only when he was nearly dizzy from oxygen deprivation did he lean back a tiny bit, with a little gasp for air, followed by a smile.

"Welcome back, Akabane-kun."

The kiss acted as a sort of release of things Akabane didn't know he'd been carrying. Everything else behind his eyes faded into nothing, all except for MakubeX.

"It's good to be back, and with a welcome like that you make me tempted to go away and come back all the time." He smiled not only with his lips but with his eyes.

MakubeX leaned forward and rubbed his nose against Akabane's.

"If you go away for quite as long again I might be tempted to do something unpleasant. Like freeze your bank accounts, mess up your hotel reservations, have bogus traffic citations issued to you... stuff like that."

His eyes twinkled ever so slightly. He was kidding... probably.

If Akabane were the type to be smitten he would have been, though he was utterly charmed.

"Is that so? You know I find that vaguely erotic coming from you. Sort of like a form of foreplay."

Chuckling, while he still had MakubeX in his arms, "So how are things here? How have you been?"

Before letting MakubeX answer, however, he stole another kiss, this one not as intense, but no less passionate.

The second kiss was just as eagerly welcomed at the first.

"Foreplay, hmm? Somehow that doesn't surprise me, coming from you. Things here are... fine. Quiet, compared to how they were for a while. I've had good days and bad days, I guess."

Though he might have given an even more vague answer to someone else, MakubeX found he lacked the desire to pretend to Akabane than everything had been a bed of roses. However by comparison, he didn't feel he had much to legitimately complain about. Just his own emotions, which were as stubborn as ever about fitting themselves obediently into his calculations.

Slowly letting MakubeX down, letting him slide against his body in a very sensual way, Akabane absorbed the words the boy spoke.

"Everything can be used properly as foreplay if only it's looked at that way," he chuckled.

MakubeX simply pressed his cheek against Akabane's chest, closing his eyes to listen for the man's heartbeat. He felt calm, wonderfully calm. He didn't know why Akabane always made him feel that way, after all, he usually had quite a different effect on people.

Akabane kept the boy close, sensing that his satellite might need it.

"So tell me, what else have you gotten into while I was gone, hmm?"

MakubeX smiled into Akabane's coat.

"I'm afraid I haven't gotten into very much trouble. I haven't seen Kagami at all. It's been very quiet."

"Ah Kagami, well I expect him do be like a cat and land on his feet from everything. Quiet, now that has to be a bit of a novelty around here..." Akabane smiled.

"A novelty, yes."

It was a novelty the boy genius was a little afraid of, to be honest. The quieter things were, the more time he had to think. And the more time he had to immerse himself in data and programs. The more time there was to forget about being human, or, perversely, to obsess about being something else.

Akabane quickly lifted MakubeX once more in his arms, leaning in and kissing him hard.

The kiss was exactly what MakubeX wanted and he wrapped his arms around Akabane's neck and surrendered completely to it.

Then he smiled dreamily up at Akabane, running his tongue along the man's lower lip.

A low rumble could be heard from the man's throat at the boy's licking of his lip.

MakubeX heard the rumble and smiled again. For the first time, he pulled away from Akabane, but grabbed the man's hand as he did so, and pulled him along. His free hand gestured almost absently towards the keyboard and a pair of white doors appeared out of thin air in the room.

"Come on, I prepared something for when you came back."

Without further ado, he pulled Akabane through the doors.

The place beyond was dark, almost featureless at first glance until they came completely through the doors, which closed behind them and vanished.

Akabane found himself standing in the middle of a large room, which was round - no corners, no angles. The walls seemed to be hung with black draperies and the ceiling was high, but also colored black. A little light was given by wall sconces that held flickering white candles. There was a table with some items on it including a bottle of dark wine. And there was a very large bed, also round, and covered with black silk sheets and pillows.

In this setting, MakubeX almost seemed to glow, and even moreso when he began to strip off his garments one by one.

Taking in everything with a glance there was never any possibility that Akabane wouldn't follow the younger male.

And his reward was watching MakubeX remove his coverings, exposing that beautiful skin of his. A very real smile graced Akabane's lips as he walked over to the table. Holding out a hand, he indicated the wine.

"May I?"

"Sure, go ahead."

The boy was nude now, his clothes left in a small pile on the thick carpet, which turned out not to be black, but a dark burgundy.

Oddly, there only seemed to be one glass.

Akabane poured wine into the glass and then went over to MakubeX, walking around him, admiring the canvas displayed so erotically.

Standing in front of him, he removed his hat while taking a sip and then leaned down to kiss MakubeX once more, this time sharing the wine intimately.

MakubeX accepted the kiss easily, the wine tasting very interesting on his tongue as it mingled with Akabane's saliva.

In due time, he pulled away, walking around Akabane much as the man had walked around him. When he made one full circle, he reached out and began pulling Akabane's coat off, minding the glass of wine in the man's hand and working around it.

"If I had one of your scalpels I could cut these off of you."

"Allow me?" Akabane let a scalpel slide from his knuckle and handed it to MakubeX with the blade towards him.

MakubeX's smile widened. He accepted the scalpel, feeling the smooth metal (or whatever it was) slide over his palm, still warm from Akabane's body. He lifted it and admired the graceful line and the especially shiny edge. Handling it carefully, but deftly, with dexterous fingers accustomed to typing at great speed, he turned his eyes to Akabane, this time speculatively, as if deciding where to begin.

Taking the hem of Akabane's sleeve in two fingers, he placed the edge of the scalpel against the fabric and watched it part easily with an expression of pleased satisfaction. Carefully, he continued to cut along the inside of the sleeve all the way up. He lifted Akabane's arm above his head and kept cutting along the side seam of the coat from armpit downwards until he reached the bottom hem.

Akabane continued to smile, trusting the young man implicitly. He was turned on at how deftly MakubeX could wield the blade, and how he did it, where he cut with it.

He moved and held still just as he was posed, like a mannequin.

"I think I'll give you the blade to keep if you like?"

"Ah, but Akabane-kun, where would I put it? I can't keep it inside my body like you do."

Having removed the entire inside seam of one side of the coat, MakubeX turned to the other. Akabane still held the wine glass but it was almost empty. Thoughtfully, MakubeX walked over to the table and picked up the bottle, pouring wine into the glass in Akabane's hand before setting it down again.

Then he took the hem of the sleeve of the hand holding the glass, delicately in two fingers, and began slicing the material along the top, this time. The longer he used the scalpel the more deft he was with it. This time it went very quickly, a soft tearing sound as he ran the edge under the fabric all the way to Akabane's shoulder. However he didn't stop at that point, extending the slice all the way to the collar, lifting it precisely with finger and thumb. The edge of the blade barely grazed Akabane's neck without scratching it at all, and then the coat parted over his shoulder, falling to the ground with its own weight, pulling it off the other shoulder as well.

Akabane felt the sweet kiss of the blade, his pulse jumping in response to it. Smiling as he drank some of the recently poured wine while watching and listening to the sounds of sliced fabric, almost but not quite the sounds of sliced flesh.

"You could keep it hidden away in a box somewhere, a memento between lovers?"

"That's true... maybe I will, then. But I'm not finished with it yet."

This time the movements are a little quicker, and the fabric was lighter as well. With two somewhat daring movements, MakubeX sliced the fine fabric of Akabane's shirt along the top of each sleeve and shoulder, and the material fell away, hanging from there it was tucked at his waist.

MakubeX took a moment to run the flat of his hand along Akabane's chest; it was something that he liked, the slight roughness of the scars as pleasing as the smooth skin and muscle.

"Oh good..." Akabane's body awakened, responding to the cuts, to the touches along his scars. Looking down at the hand on his chest, he sucked in a breath before putting his hand over the smaller one, then bringing it up to his lips, kissing the palm.


A little shiver ran along MakubeX's skin at the touch of Akabane's lips on his palm. At the same moment, he slipped the scalpel under the waistband of Akabane's pants.

Letting his tongue slide against MakubeX's palm slowly, leaving a wet little trail, Akabane felt the blade against his skin, getting ready to slice into his pants.

"That sounds almost like a purr...will you purr for me?"


The sensation of Akabane's tongue against his skin was teasing and delicious, but MakubeX wasn't through testing the sharpness of the blade. Rotating it from being flat against Akabane's stomach to present the sharp edge to the inside of the man's waistband, MakubeX pulled the scalpel towards himself. The blade was so sharp that it really took very little effort - fabric and even the belt parted with only the slightest hint of pull.

"Hmmm... what shall I cut now?"

"Me, perhaps?" Akabane didn't stop letting his tongue taste the other boy's flavor, almost intoxicated by it and the smell of lust in the air. Having watched his pants cut, watched his shirt and jacket cut from his body, he smiled almost with pride, in a twisted sort of way.

"You know, I am definitely liking this. You never disappoint me, Satellite."

The words sent a little thrill along MakubeX's nerves and he smiled, a near match for Akabane's.

Still smiling, he slid the blade down along Akabane's skin, letting the flat of the blade glance against the man's awakening erection. Then his wrist flexed, there was a tug, and something came away from Akabane's body.

A few curls of dark soft hair...

"I would never want to disappoint you. But I think you should finish your wine so we can think about what else there is to drink."

Not flinching once, Akabane did close his eyes in pleasure, feeling the blade against skin, even if it was the blunted end, but when hair was actually sliced away from him, he gasped softly in near bliss. Without conscious thought he finished off the wine in one swallow.

"And you never do... Tell me, what else can I drink from...?"

MakubeX smiled, and stepped away from Akabane, backing up and then turning to stroll over to the bed, twirling the scalpel lightly between his fingers. He detoured to pick up the bottle of wine and brought it with him to the bed, climbing up to stretch across the surface. Then he leaned back, propping his head up with one hand, and with the other he poured a little of the wine across his tummy, letting it pool in his navel.

"...I wonder..."

Akabane watched it all and then walked over silently to the bed, climbing up on all fours so that his legs were straddling the younger male's, and leaned down to lap at the wine, looking up into MakubeX's eyes.

"I don't..."

MakubeX giggled softly. It *was* a little ticklish, and the picture of Akabane lapping from his navel was both exciting and oddly amusing. Lifting the bottle to his lips, he drank a little and then set the bottle down on the floor beside the bed, laying back. But not everything was laying back - part of him was definitely not laying back, but rearing up curiously as if to watch Akabane so close by.

Akabane smiled at the giggle, letting his tongue slide teasingly down to the base of said curious part that stood so stiff with pride. He sat up and let his tongue slide over the head of the shaft before sliding it down the underside.

Moving his body upward, he moved in for a kiss, tasting the wine, and tasting MakubeX, before moving back down and taking the engorged erection into his mouth, tonguing it.

MakubeX shifted a little as Akabane's attention wandered down, making a soft sound of pleasure that was then muffled by the man's kiss. He watched as Akabane move back towards his lap, gasping as his lover took him with his mouth, his hips flexing and shifting in reaction to the wonderful sensations. His fingers dug into the bed's silk covering, and he responded without restraint, one hand still clutching the scalpel as his eyelids drifted down.

The boy reminded Akabane of mercury, all silvery and liquidy. He watched the reactions each of his actions garnered, the sight of his blade still in MakubeX's hand turning him on even more.

Panting a little, MakubeX released his hold on the silk sheets and wrapped his fingers around a thick lock of Akabane's long hair instead, and began tugging, trying to pull him up. The man was driving him crazy and he loved it, but he didn't want it to be over so quickly, and if Akabane didn't stop it was going to be...

"Come.... here!"

Keeping it up for just a second more, Akabane very reluctantly finally let the cock slide from his kiss-swollen lips and moved up, heeding the imperious order of his young lover.

"You called?" His voice was low and raspy with passion.

With a soft sound, almost a growl, MakubeX pulled Akabane against him, feeling his lover's body against his with pleasure. He kissed Akabane deeply, tasting himself on the man's tongue, and reached down between them to wrap his fingers around Akabane's erection, squeezing it a little and then stroking him with a slow, sensual rhythm.

"Yessss... I called... That was nice... it felt good... But I want more before I give it up to you."

"What else do you want? I'm all yours at the moment, anything your heart desires." The words from most others would have sounded romantic, from Akabane they sounded dark, almost dangerous and yet so full of promised pleasure.

Eyelids lowering, MakubeX continued to stroke Akabane's cock, enjoying the sensation of the living, heated and firm flesh in his hand.

"All mine... hmmm... anything I desire..."

MakubeX felt a little intoxicated. Maybe it wasn't the wine, though; maybe it was just the excitement of being here with this gorgeous dark and dangerous companion.

"You know, Akabane... you've hinted things to me, said things, little things..."

His voice trailed off softly, thoughtfully, with more than a bit of that intoxication audible. Almost reluctantly, he let his grip loosen and his fingers slide away.

"Will you get on your hands and knees if I ask?"

"I will do anything you ask of me, little Satellite, do you want me on my hands and knees, legs slightly spread awaiting you?"

Akabane's soft voice painted an erotic picture.

MakubeX licked his lips, a slightly wicked expression flickering over his angelic features.

"Yes... yes, Akabane... do that for me..."

The man did just that, slowly and sinuously, head down, legs spread, on his hands and knees. Then he lifted his head, eyes dark with desire, voice just as hoarse, "Is this how you want me?"

MakubeX didn't answer, he was too busy admiring the picture the dark-haired man made, it excited him. He cupped his hand to Akabane's cheek and bent down to kiss the man invasively, then pulled away, letting his lips whisper over Akabane's throat and then his shoulder as he moved closer. On his own knees, he paused beside Akabane to run his hands along the man's flanks and back slowly, almost like a loving rider grooming a favored horse. His hands moved even more slowly as they reached to slight curve of the man's bare ass, pausing to test how his hands fit over the hemispheres.

Bending down, he licked along the crease between them experimentally.

The very touches, the kisses, the thought of being used by this particular male, left Akabane slightly breathless and harder than iron, but feeling the licks had him shuddering and instinctively thrusting forward and then back toward that active tongue.

MakubeX laughed softly, the sound slightly muffled, and his hands gripped Akabane tighter to keep his movements to a minimum. Then he had a thought and one hand moved away and then back, letting Akabane feel the cool metal of his own scalpel, a silent warning not to buck, not yet.

He licked the area, finding the puckered opening and thrusting his tongue against it, getting the skin very wet. Akabane's reaction made him laugh again, a low, pleased sound. Then he shifted away, and Akabane felt cool metal against the opening.

It took a frightening second before Akabane realized that the scalpel was being held in reverse and it was the smooth, tapered handle that was starting to defeat the tightly puckered ring of muscle and slide into his body.

It all left him shuddering badly. The wickedness of what MakubeX was doing to him overpowered his senses, leaving him a mass of quivering flesh, moaning as his cock pulsed with more blood.

His voice was hoarse when he spoke.

"Who would guess how very wicked you can be... but don't stop... don't even. think. of. stopping."

To the boy genius, Akabane's reaction was... wonderful.

Who would guess how wicked MakubeX could be? Only someone who remembered the IL, and saw him as he was. The sweetness of the boy did not cancel out his darkness, rather it hid or eclipsed it. But with Akabane, he could do anything, be anything... he did not fear hurting the man, because he knew the only way he could do that was to betray their friendship, which would never happen. Everything else... was fair game.

Carefully he slid the smooth, tapered metal handle deeper into Akabane's body, holding it carefully by the back side of the blade. His other hand held Akabane's hip steady, gripping his flesh not-quite-painfully.

With a slight smile, he stopped the insertion just before the sharp edge of the scalpel reached the ring of muscle, then pulled it back, pushed it in... several times. With each slow thrust, he rotated it slightly to see how Akabane would react.

"I won't stop, Akabane-kun... unless I feel like it..."

The man's hips snapped back and forth following those thrusts, the thought of the blade slipping and actually cutting him always there in his mind.

And he was almost hoping it would... The pleasure was intense, and he cried out softly, head down, body covered in a light sheen of moisture, the muscles under his skin rippling along with the shudders that racked his frame.

His own cock leaked moisture as it was left unattended, but with each thrust back, it jumped and caused a sweet ache.

"G...oo...d...p...please...don..'t feel like...it on...my...behalf."

Words were hard to string together as his mind was centered on what he was feeling, what was being done to him, and coherency was second to it all.

MakubeX's eyes almost seemed to take on a greenish glow as he watched and listened and felt the dark man's reactions. It was an incredibly heady and intoxicating feeling of power. He was hard and aching himself, for the first time wanting something that had never more than flickered through his mind before.

Nostrils flaring, he suddenly acted on the impulse, before he could think about it and change his mind. The scalpel's handle slid out of Akabane's body, as the teen reached down with his other hand, collecting some of the fluid that was dripping from Akabane's arousal. Rubbing it over himself, smearing it with his own clear precum, he moved behind Akabane and pushed into the man's obviously willing body. One slightly sticky hand clutched Akabane's hip, fingers digging into flesh. The other still had the scalpel, a quick flip sliding the handle back into his palm.

Pushing in until he was stopped by their bodies meeting flush, he closed his eyes for a moment, gasping at the tight heat that grasped and squeezed him. A little shudder ran through his body and then he eyes opened, still glowing, an expression on his face more feral than anything anyone had ever seen there before.

Akabane was lost. As soon as he felt MakubeX slide into him, it nearly did him in.

He was running on pure instinct, and that instinct left him at the mercy of the male behind him. The look on his face was slack and aroused beyond belief.

It was not a look anyone had ever really seen. This was unique in and of itself. And it was appropriate that it was caused by MakubeX.

Only trust would have allowed him to leave himself this open, not just physically, but mentally, and emotionally.

He thrust back trying to get MakubeX to give him more... harder...

Feeling Akabane pushing back made the very strange smile on MakubeX's face widen, but he dug his fingers into Akabane's hip warningly. The hand holding the scalpel slid over Akabane's ass and rested across the small of his back, pressing the sharp edge ever so slightly into the skin. Leaning forward, the teen issued soft instructions, his voice cool but thicker than usual.

"Be still... or I'll leave you like this, unsatisfied..."

Without waiting to see if Akabane would comply, as if with perfect confidence that he would obey, MakubeX flexed his hips back, sliding almost out of the dark man's body, shivering a little at the lovely sensation. Then he pushed his hips forward, thrusting in to the hilt. His pace at first was slow, deliberate, taking in every sensation, and fully attentive to the reactions of his lover below.

After three or four thrusts, he began to move faster, using not strength but leverage to give each penetration a snap.

Akabane did as he was told, not because he had no choice, but because he liked the thrill of being in MakubeX's power. When he felt the blade slice into skin, however small the cut, he nearly came right then and there.

Shuddering hard, he took deep breaths to keep from moving, to keep from coming, to just feel it all. His whole body was like some powerful beast held at bay, shivering and shuddering with the strength of his mind keeping him still as much as possible.

Voice soft, he replied, "Yes....."

As a reward, MakubeX leaned over to kiss Akabane's back, running his tongue along the shallow cut. The tension in the body beneath him was incredible. Licking the cut again, even as his body continued to thrust and build his own pleasure and, he hoped, his lover's, the teen released his grip on the dark man's flank and slid his hand under Akabane, finding the man's erection with clever fingers. Tightening his hold, he began stroking Akabane in rhythm with his movements as he danced inside the man. He could feel the wave starting to lift him and wanted to bring his lover to the crest also. In contrast to his movements, his other hand gripped the scalpel tightly, his own strain of control until he could feel Akabane coming with him.

"...come.... let's come..."

The beast still within roared at the touch of that tongue along his cut, but Akabane held fast, though every nerve, every cell, every bit of him yelled to move, to turn and conquer.

It was worth holding back, to feel the younger man behind him in control, driving him wild.

When he heard the voice and felt the hand, he let go of his beast and actually did roar as he came, every muscle in his body tight as liquid heat pulsed from him.

MakubeX gasped at the sudden wildness of his lover's reaction but he was already being swept up hard in his own climax, gripping Akabane's cock as the man's warm seed spurted through his fingers. His own was taken inside of his lover, leaving MakubeX panting hard, draped over Akabane's back as they shuddered together.

For a few seconds he wasn't sure if he was going to stay conscious, so intense was the reaction in his body.

Still panting, he sank back and out of his lover, hands slipping away unwillingly as he gasped for air. But before his hand slid complete off Akabane's back, he made two more shallow cuts beside the first, seemingly random, leaving shallow marks that beaded up red in a shape: /\\

The muscles in Akabane's arms and legs quivered from exertion, and he started to fall to the bed, but when he felt those last slices, it left him smiling a bit. Looking over his shoulder at the young man behind him, his tired eyes twinkled.

"Marking me are you, MakubeX?"

Leaning his weight against Akabane, MakubeX leaned over him again and licked the scratches, tasting the odd tang of Akabane's blood.

"Why would I do a thing like that?" he said innocently, pushing Akabane down onto the black silk and then crawling up to lie along his side.

"Because you can..." the man whispered, as he lay next to his young lover.

MakubeX laughed softly, snuggling against Akabane's side and sliding an arm around his waist. His voice was also low enough to be a whisper but warm and tender.

"Did you like it, Akabane-kun? Was it what you asked me for that time, remember?"

"Did I like it? No, I did not, I loved it. And it exceeded what I asked for, by so very much. You exceeded all that I had hoped for, Satellite."

He curled around the younger man, sliding leg over leg, arm over waist as well.

MakubeX made a soft, contented sound and tucked his head on Akabane's shoulder.

"I feel free with you. I can do all kinds of things."

"I am glad you feel that way, Satellite, because it means you trust me, and you trust yourself around me. You can do anything you like with me, and I will do my best to comply." Akabane smiled as he moved a hand up to play with the strands of hair.

Nuzzling Akabane's skin, MakubeX murmured, "...and you can do anything you like with me..."

"That sounds delightful to me!" Akabane closed his eyes as he started to fall asleep holding MakubeX close.

Happy with the answer, MakubeX closed his eyes also, and slipped into a warm, relaxed and contented sleep, curled next to the man feared by almost everyone else who knew him.

~ * ~

[User Picture]From: laughingwolf
2004-06-03 10:49 am (UTC)
I'll just be over here fanning myself! *wink*
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[User Picture]From: datenshiblue
2004-06-03 08:19 pm (UTC)
*snoodles* ;)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: spinshadow
2004-06-03 02:54 pm (UTC)
*purrs and thinks wonderfully naugthy thoughts* Lord knows how I missed this the first time through. I do hope these two reconnect. ^_^
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: datenshiblue
2004-06-03 08:20 pm (UTC)
So did I but alas, it may not occur. ;_;
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jupiterjones
2004-08-01 09:12 am (UTC)
Ouch! ^_~

Loved it!

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: amethyst_hunter
2008-04-27 07:09 am (UTC)
Stumbled on this through random searching. :) Nicely done with a rare pairing!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: datenshiblue
2008-04-28 03:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :-D
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